Model & Novelist

“Just a small town girl, still finding her way in a big, crazy world”

Born and raised in Kuwait, she spent her growing years straddling between Kuwait and England after the early demise of her mother.

Clicking pictures and writing full-length fiction stories always seemed to fascinate her as a young girl. While cameras and books developed an early bond with her, her social life was miles away. Although her close friends always found an effortless comedic streak in her, shy and reserved were the only two terms that publicly defined her.

At school, she never made it into the 'popular girls' team, simply because she wasn't pretty enough to make the cut.

At high school, she didn't get into programs or courses of her choice, just because she wasn't bright enough to fit the bill.

With all the odds stacked up against her, she chose to drown out all the worldly noises and listen only to that mutter of thunder inside her.

She struggled her way into noteworthy plays as an actor and writer, while still at college. Her unforgettable performances and fresh writing started receiving due credit sooner rather than later, in the form of awards and recognition from all quarters.

She was then offered short films, supporting characters in feature movies and television shows, TV commercials and music videos.

Modeling wasted no time in catching up with her and lured her into its glittery world.

Having to just go with the flow and nobody as her role model, she learnt the art of modeling through her own mistakes and set herself as her own competition.

Acting gradually took a back seat in her life as she fully embraced modeling.

In 2012, she took home the glorious title of the ‘ROCK Calendar model’ beauty pageant and in 2013; she made it to the top 13 at the Femina beauty pageant.

Since then, photo shoots and fashion shows have crowded at her doorstep.

With beautiful, expressive eyes, the perfect pout, forward thinking, and no qualms about displaying skin, she soon became the favorite subject of many photographers all around the world.

Having built herself a successful career as a fashion model, establishing her mark in various countries, she soon realized her other passion . . . writing – a passion inherited from her late mother, bringing that into effect with her raving fiction novel series – 'The Maze'.

Although she lives in New York, she still has her secret haven in England that fuels her inspiration for spine tingling mystery novels.

But the end for her isn't here just yet. While modeling and writing will always remain a part of her world, she’s already discovering a new chapter in her life.

“It isn't the people around us that decide who we are, or who we're going to be . . . It's us. The thunder and lightning has always been within us. And so has the choice of whether we let it whisper softly or roar aloud.” ---- Delilah Alvares

Already posing as a fierce inspiration and role model to thousands of youngsters, the numbers are only growing day by day as she proves time and again that even the 'underdog' or 'the ugly duckling' can have a fairy tale winning.

Dreams don’t just happen to come true. You have to go out there, and make them happen for you. I know that the storms are tough, the waters are rough, life isn’t always fair, and unlike the other players; you may not know how to play. But just keep walking, until you see that rainbow at the end of the lane sparkling.

My hope for us is that we never give up on ourselves and fight for what we’re really worth.

We have just one life to live. And one day, I’d like to think that we can all look back knowing that we did it all; without having to wonder what if . . . ---- Delilah Alvares

“From the girl who once believed she wasn’t extraordinarily special or pretty, who wasn’t greatly valued or appreciated, nor was she lucky or worth anything at all . . . Here I am . . . And I’m no different from you”